• IPA Games 2024 Roemenië. 19 - 24 maart 2024
  • Opgaven hiervoor moeten worden ingediend bij de algemeen secretaris op secretary@ipa-nederland.nl

    Dear IPA friends, 

    We have the pleasure to announce you that the registration link is now available: https://ipagames2024.iparomania.ro/

    The first step is that one delegate/contact person from each National Section to register in order to keep in touch with the organizer of the IPA Games 2024 – IPA Romanian Section and to send the necessary information, following which he will receive an email for the registration all the participants to IPA Games 2024 (the members of the National Board, athletes and supporters). 

    The registrations for the participants will be centralized, and individual registrations will be not accepted. 

    The closing date for the registration is 31 March 2024

    For any questions, we are here to provide you all information, please contact us on email ipagames2024@iparomania.ro or at WhatsApp number 00 40 724 200 101.

    Meer informatie over locatie enz. klik hier -> The Home of IPA Games 2024.

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