• Tour de Gambia
  • IPA Spain, on behalf of it's IPA Catalonia region, invites you to participate in the 4th edition the Tour of the Gambia 2023 - "Solidarity & Adventure Cyclo-Tourist Route", from 24 November - 1 December 2023.

    The Tour of Gambia is a unique and unforgettable stage event based on a cycling route through the heart of Africa in which everyone can participate.
    The Tour of Gambia is NOT a cycling race, it is a sporting adventure through Africa in its purest form, it is a direct solidarity action, it is a personal challenge and an experience for the senses that you will never forget.

    The Gambia, which lacks infrastructure, obviously does not have many accommodation facilities and its conditions are far from European establishments. But this is part of the adventure, it is part of living Africa in its purest form.

    The accommodation will therefore be in tents during the route. (These will be provided by the organization to each and every one of the participants) Two nights in bungalows of camps and in hotel during our stay in the capital Banjul on the first and last day.

    Meals will be provided, and a team are designated to provide breakfast, lunches and dinners for the participants.

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