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  • 50 jaar IPA Vicenza
  • Good Evening everyone.

    I'm Stefania Dalla Valle, treasurer of the IPA Vicenza.

    This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the I.P.A. Vicenza and to celebrate the Anniversary we have drawn up a program of events that will take place in the city and province from 13 to 15 October next.

    It is a tourist, cultural, food and wine, meeting and friendship program that we have defined as "The Palladio Experience"; it will be an opportunity to make our city and province known and appreciated by the Friends of the I.P.A. and the Police, both foreign and Italian.

    In providing you with the link to the posters and  we ask for your cooperation in extending the invitation to IPA members and foreign colleagues and colleagues  who are in contact with you. 



    Sure of your collaboration and confident that the event will be a splendid opportunity to meet, I wish you a good evening.

    Stefania Dalla Valle